MicroOLAP Database Utilities Overview

MicroOLAP offers a complete line of effective products for database development, administration, and data management. Five years of intensive development of database technologies brings to you reliable and powerful products.

Database Designer for PostgreSQL

Database structure modeling, generation and modification focused on PostgreSQL

Database Designer for PostgreSQL is an easy CASE tool with intuitive graphical interface allowing you to build a clear and effective database structure visually, see the complete picture (diagram) representing all the tables, references between them, views, stored procedures and other objects. Then you can easily generate a physical database on a server, modify it according to any changes you made to the diagram using fast ALTER statements.

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Database Designer for MySQL

Construct and mantain database structure

MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is the innovative development system for database visual modeling, maintenance and reverse engineering in an easy and powerful way. Stay up to date with the first CASE tool, supporting MySQL stored procedures and functions.

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MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.6 is available

Database Designer for MySQL
New release introduces enhanced support for Windows 10, optional anonymous statistics functionality and fixes nasty bugs.

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.10.6 available

Database Designer for PostgreSQL
New release introduces enhanced support for Windows 10 and optional anonymous statistics functionality

Meet the MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.10.5

Database Designer for PostgreSQL
This maintenance release improves logging facility a lot, and fixes several bugs!

PaGoDump and PaGoRestore v9.4.2 are out

PostgreSQL v9.4.2 support introduced. Support for 9.3.7 and 9.2.11 versions added as well. Some bugs fixed.

Meet the MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.5

Database Designer for MySQL
This release improves logging facility, adds support for invocation views options, enhances control on views display preferences, fixes some rare bugs.

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